The most extraordinary experience this past weekend has left me transformed, in awe and so grateful to be living in a world where we are able to experience first hand the wonder of the other dimensions and know we are blessed and not crazy.

I have had my first encounter with the sentient beings known as AMAG, that come through the physical body of Dayana Jon Patterson, Intuitive Consultant and Educator who travels the world and is based in New Mexico. Her website is

On Sunday, in the large theater hall at Lyndon State College, a small group of us found ourselves conversing with AMAG, the intergalactic, multidimensional consciousness that speak through Dayana and have done so for 30 years. Most of us were taken off guard, although I know some of us – like our transformational gurus Jean Slatter and Regina Meredith – were no strangers to this wonderful encounter experience.

Just needed to mark the day. I left transformed, and have new agendas for my journey.  And Dayana looks so, well, normal, that when she was presenting for her one minute the evening prior, if you were not paying attention, you might just miss the significance of what she said. Which I did, actually, distracted with something else. So thank you my friend Jean, for nudging me in that direction on June 10, 2012.

And the rest of you in the theater – reading this, some of you today – you know who you are and are fully aware that we are forever transformed by this event.

Those of you who were not there, please know that the implausible just is, and that the truth is far stranger than fiction, always.

More later, with love and gratitude,

Wellness Woman
a.k.a. Susan of the North