I can reach my left shoulder with my right hand today. Big deal? Well, yes, considering that I have not been able to touch the left side of my body with that hand for more than six months. Today I awoke without pain and realized that I had released another part of the frozen energy in the shoulder.

One of the biggest sources of stress in my own life has been the slowly repairing shoulder that was injured in an accident this past January. I have been unable to regain normal movement, although I look quite normal now. The fall backwards from mid-air on black ice (running on black ice, thinking it was tarmac) broke the thumb and both wrist bones, injured the carpals, the elbow, the shoulder and the scapula. The medical system treated the wrist only, as I navigated, despite my complaints, through wrist x-ray after x-ray, with a label on the file: wrist fracture.

About two months into my ordeal, I dislocated the weakened shoulder. Strangely unaware of what I had done to myself, because of the constant discomfort everywhere, I endured two weeks of dislocation before getting relief from my Chinese physiotherapist. Months later, I have still been handicapped by the injuries.

The shoulder and upper arm have been in chronic pain. People urging me to do more physiotherapy, to do this or that, while I experienced a strange reluctance to looking after myself. Finally, yesterday, I asked for help with the shoulder. Together with an HMR practitioner colleague, we did a full session on the shoulder.  (In theory I can work on most things myself, but sometimes there is a reluctance that is part of the syndrome that makes self-work difficult).

We worked on the not wanting to help my self, not allowing myself to help, on the hidden emotions in the shoulder. With great success.

Chronic pain has a large component of frozen energy. At the site of injury we find not only the trauma from any accident but also very often bizarre things from who knows when, that in the Holographic work are referred to as unverifiable historic events.

The evidence shows that what we often release from sites of chronic pain are injuries from long ago, before this lifetime, that both client and therapist can view clearly together in the hologram. My shoulder released frozen memories of being pierced with an iron bar, crushed by stones in a fall from a parapet, plugged by iron shot from musket fire. Go figure, I am just reporting what we saw. Among the emotions that were released was resignation to, well I suppose, death, which accounts in large extent for my evident inability to look after myself with more acupuncture, physiotherapy and massage. We also released rage and shame. No further information needed or asked for: the rage, you see, may have something or nothing to do with what is going on in my life. The same for the shame, although the shoulder has been stirring up feelings from that pot of negative emotions that are instilled at a very young age.

All this to say that I am reminded daily, in work I do with my own clients and in work on myself, of the power of working inside the hologram to change lives. We are all swirling clouds of quantum energy, you see, where things can change instantly when we use tested techniques to release what does not belong there.

Today I have something special to offer you.

You are officially invited to contact me at roads2wellness@gmail.com for a complimentary 45 minute session during which we will do the following: 1. bring clarification to areas of your life that you want to change; 2. identify blocks that are in your way; 3. create a plan for improving your emotional response to people and events in your life; 4. go over some energy techniques that you can start to use to begin removing the blocks.

I want to offer this now because I have been reminded of how powerful this work is and I don’t want anyone to suffer needlessly when there is help available, so please take me up on this offer right away! I will be able to schedule sessions with a limited number of people over the summer, but you must email me to book your appointment by Monday the 23rd. This is for new clients only, with gratitude to the many of you who read my blog and with gratitude to those of you already in my coaching programs. Remember, this offer is good for a limited time only on a first-come first-serve basis, so act now.

I speak several other languages, so those of you across the globe please go ahead and make contact with me!

Be well, everyone, and learn to release the emotional detritus in your energy field!