I want to show you a really simple way to immediately lower your stress level in any situation. Read on!

Are you looking for a great way to focus when you are feeling scattered? Or to refocus when something sets you off?

Would you like to learn some easy techniques that you can call on to lower feelings of tension or anxiety immediately so that you can think more clearly, feel better in any stressful situation – or maybe just play better golf?

If you are an emotionally driven person like me, sometimes your decisions and choices in life are all about what makes you feel good and what makes you feel less than great. You will pick the choice that makes you feel good, hoping the consequences won’t bite you in the proverbial.

What if you could change that, and learn to feel good about anything? What if you could have a neutral response to the things that have bothered you in the past, so that you could now address your to-do list in a totally logical manner and methodically and systematically move towards your goals?

This, my friends, is where energy medicine and energy psychology techniques are so brilliant! Energy psychology techniques such as the well-known Emotional Freedom Techniques family of EFT, SET and others help us reduce or neutralize the stress and anxiety that is linked to thought patterns we have developed over the years. Energy Medicine shows us how to use our body to move energy – anywhere, even in a boardroom, to calm and cheer ourselves up, immediately.

As I have said many times, from the new tools available now, we can learn simple ways to easily and permanently make positive changes in our lives.

Here’s a sample of an energy medicine technique that helps us calm down and focus, immediately, within 90 seconds. Try it – now – and see how you feel. When I demonstrate this technique in workshops or at presentations, the feedback is truly amazing. And amusing! Because the shift is dramatic, in such a short time. We can go from scattered to focused within a few minutes.

First, cross your ankles. Next, cross your arms over your chest, palms flat on your collarbones. Then just slightly raising your wrists, bring your palms together and entwine your fingers. Now your entwined fingers are crossed over your sternum. You are crossing invisible energy meridians over each other, at your ankles, wrists and fingers, bringing your energy lines to support one another. This calms you down – and you will feel it, as the comforting blanket of your own energy envelopes you.

Next, maintaining this position, add a breathing technique: breathe in through your nose while pressing your tongue up against the back of your upper teeth. Then, breathe out through your mouth, allowing your tongue this time to fall relaxed against your bottom teeth. Repeat this breathing pattern, your tongue moving like a light switch, for 90 seconds. Notice how calm you feel. You are moving energy up over your head, down your spine and up your central energy meridian with each breath, bringing your energy field to its most comforting level all around you. Finish by untangling your hands, placing the pads of the fingers against each other for a few moments in a prayer-like position to align the energies.

Try it. Practice it so that you can use it any time you feel stressed. It will also work standing up. Credit for this one goes to Donna Eden and Cook’s HookUp from Brain Gym. (Go ahead and Google for more!)

Why not email this post to your stressed friends? It’s so simple and effective to do!

Be well, and learn how to lower your stress levels in any situation.