Those of you who read me enough know that I love to teach methods of stress reduction and anxiety dissipation that are accessible to us wherever we are, at any time.

I can hardly describe to you the wonderfully different sense of self and contentment that comes once we learn ways to permanently release unresolved emotional energies. Life without anxiety, life with techniques to recognize and eliminate anxiety, and life where we experience a peacefulness within ourselves that has little to do with our surroundings is an experience that amazes me everyday, and for which I am hugely grateful.

There is so much wonderful information out there, coming to us from many sources, of new techniques that help us dramatically change our experience of life, for the better. One indefatigable person, who is now spreading the concept of emotional competence worldwide, is Tom Stone. (I invite you to visit Great Life Technologies for more.)

I would like to share Tom’s technique of what he calls Experiencing the GAP. He advocates learning how to use this technique and practicing it daily several times until it becomes easily accessible. Here’s all you need to do: close your eyes, and allow yourself to become aware of your thoughts, that he likens to clouds in a sunny sky. With this analogy, you are then invited to become aware of the space between the thoughts. Like all meditative techniques, we learn that we are not our thoughts.

Experiencing the GAP helps us find our awareness of the universe. In the GAP, we are one with the universe. We ARE the universe, in our essential nature. From this place comes our sense of knowing, a sense of calm, an ability to rise above. It is accessible all the time, permanently. And his is a simple, learnable technique.

Anxiety and the experience of overwhelm and unrelenting stress stand in our way. At the root are unresolved emotional energies bound within us. So I offer you two strategies for coming into calm. One is to practice this experience of the GAP, and have put an audio link here. The other is to learn any of the release techniques that I write about and teach to resolve and dissolve held emotional energies that do not serve us and that create barriers to peace, serenity, focus and success. On this blog you will find information about EFT, HMR, Logosythesis and Zpoint. I use all of these in my distant practice.

Tom Stone

Here then is the link to a ten minute audio that takes you to the direct experience of the GAP between your thoughts so that you can become aware of yourself as a part of the unbounded universe.

Tom Stone Explains Unbounded Awareness

I urge you to learn how to find and maintain awareness of the unbounded awareness of all things and to learn techniques to remove the accumulated emotional energy that does not serve us. Freeing ourselves from the tyranny of stories, drama and expectations creates great shifts in our lives. Having access to the essential nature of who we are frees us to embrace our natural state of happiness and success. Get help from me or from someone else who works with freeing us from unhelpful emotional energies using new ‘human software’ technologies.

Learn to maintain peace and resolve your emotional history.