I was researching Tom Rath’s Essential Elements of Wellbeing that are accepted across cultures and used in many organizational wellness programs. The five elements are, according to Rath:

1.  Career Wellbeing—how you occupy your time and liking what you do each day.
2.  Social Wellbeing—having strong relationships and love in your life.
3.  Financial Wellbeing—effectively managing your economic life to reduce stress and increase security.
4.  Physical Wellbeing—having good health and enough energy to get things done.
5.  Community Wellbeing—the sense of engagement and involvement you have with the area where you live.

Rath’s book is “Wellbeing: The Five Essential Elements”, published in 2010.

We all know people who excel in all five areas. We also know people who can’t seem to get it together in varying degrees of non-success. What’s the difference between them, assuming equal intelligence and education? Longitudinal studies have been done on the importance of emotional resiliance, emotional competence, and emotional intelligence in determining success or failure across the range of human activities.  Emotional Wellbeing, in fact, is at the core of all these, if we look at the broader literature.

So how do we improve our emotional wellbeing, to enhance our ability to ‘succeed’ in all the areas of our lives? We connect with someone who practices the new power therapies, the new technologies of human software engineering, working in the subconscious, that’s how. Would you believe that in three months, you can begin to see results of radical change in your life for the better? You can. It is entirely possible today.

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