Connecting with joy and understanding what makes us joyful is fundamental to conscious living.

How do you want to live your life? What do you want to do with your life?

One great gift of the coaching profession is the notion that we can design our own lives, from how we want to be to what we want to do with ourselves. Conscious living, intentional living and purposeful living become realities. A holistic coach brings all aspects of our life into focus, with the intent of increasing what is helpful, joyful and loving and assisting us to be caring, understanding and forgiving. A holistic approach to life helps us to bring more of what gives us joy into our everyday lives so that we in turn can fulfill our purpose and brighten the lives of others.

Find what brings you joy – what makes your heart sing, and bring more of that into your life. Following your heart can only bring joy. When your heart is in joy, you broadcast it outwards like a beacon that others can sense.

Do you have difficulty knowing what you want or who you are? If your path is not clear, perhaps you need to release what does not serve or uplift you, with the knowledge that lessons learned means you may move on. Are there relationships and activities in your life that do not bring you joy that you can let go?

Sometimes we are unsure of what direction to take, or how to make a decision. Having a vision of our life helps at such times. How do we want to be remembered? is a question that been used for decades as a good way to evaluate the direction we have taken, and to ensure that it is the direction we want to take.

Do one thing this week: observe yourself and notice when you are in joy. In our culture, when we hear someone say I don’t feel so great, we ask lots of questions and try to comfort. I have learned to listen for someone saying I feel good today – and to ask questions about that! We need to connect with what makes our heart sing, understand that, and do more of it!

Find what brings you joy, then!