Zpoint is a method developed by Grant Connolly for clearing emotions and changing lives.

It is based on the use of a cue word in conjunction with a program we install in the subconscious. We program ourselves to respond to our cue word by going into the subconscious and removing the negative thoughts, emotions and beliefs, thereby creating a different reality for ourselves.Yes, I said thereby, I know.

Zpoint is related to Larry Nims’ Be Set Free Fast. Grant Connolly’s use of Zpoint has given us many protocols for changing our relationships and our lives, one cascade of beliefs after another.

If you have ever been thrown off balance by a meeting with someone, or even by meeting someone over coffee, and the feeling of ‘not so good’ stayed with you for a day, here are some things you can do.

First of all, you can zip up. In fact, you need to zip up if you are at all sensitive to other people’s energies. Zipping up is the action of bringing your hand up the central meridian with the intention of protecting your energy field from others. You can visualize a ‘key lock’ motion under your mouth when you are done. It takes a second. Do it whenever you are meeting people, anywhere.

Second, you can clear the energy of the person you met with by using your clearing protocol from Zpoint. Use your cue word, with the intention to clear whatever is bothering you.

Clear all the ways you believe [whatever skewed thoughts are bothering you] whenever and because. For example, clear all the ways [the other person] makes you feel less than yourself in any way, whenever and because. Or clear all the ways you take on [the other person’s] view of you and the world, whenever and because.

You can also simply sit there, anywhere, quietly, and tune into how disturbed the thoughts are while you say softly your clearing word. Works like a charm.

We take on other people’s energies all the time, you see. It is only when the other person’s view of you is very different from your view of yourself that you feel odd, in a bad way. The negative thoughts that have seeped into your field are dispelled by using any number of clearing techniques. This is a good one to keep on hand.

I have suggested keeping some of this on index cards if you tend to forget, so that if you are upset, you need not think at all, but grab a card and start repeating your cue word. Once your limbic brain is calmed, you may remember other methods you have learned.

Be well, and get the habit of clearing yourself.