Alan Handelsman, recently interviewed on the new internet series called The Dowsing Summit, bless him, just made a great point about positive thinking. We lose the power to change when we avoid or gloss over an issue or problem that is there. Anyone who works in the subconscious is aware of the confusion brought about by trying to be positive when underneath there are strong negative feelings that need to be addressed.

The ability to change rests in the powerful notion of acceptance. Once we acknowledge and accept a thought, situation or emotion, we are in a position to change.

As Alan point out, curiosity is more useful than positive thinking. The trouble with positive thinking is that we in effect set up an internal conflict. We can neither adopt the positive fully nor release the negative underneath. We become stuck in a loop – for whatever that issue is – all too often.

When you can use your developed intuition, hypnosis or a technique such as Holographic Memory Resolution or dowsing to “look inside” and see where the anger, or upset or fear is located in your body – where you feel it lodged in the body – you are on the road to dislodging it. The emotion will lose its strength, or even dissipate entirely, when we are able to locate and apply any number of new ways to release it.

Everyone has witnessed the effect of being ignored. If you want to make someone angry, ignore them! Your emotions behave in the same way. When we pay attention to them, acknowledge them, they lose their momentum, and pass through. When we ignore them, pretend they are not there in any way, the signals from the body become stronger.

Many people are fearful of self-reflection, thinking that they will make problems worse if they acknowledge them. True, problems do often become worse when we harp on them – we are focusing our energy and augmenting exactly the problem we are complaining about. Self-reflection, however, is a different thing altogether. When each time you dip into self-reflection, however, and become upset with yourself, it is time to make changes.

Today there are many ways we can help ourselves heal – for this is what we need to be doing. To heal is to recover from an injury or illness, and that is what was experienced, on a psychological level, when we have “baggage” in our past. We were wounded on a profound level. So let the healing begin.

Dowsing is an important intuitive technique, so if you can dowse, know that you can get information from the subconscious or from the world around you. Dowsing opens the door to all kinds of information about ourselves, our past and the origin of our emotional issues.

There are many ways to “go inside”. I use several different ways myself, sometimes with hypnosis, sometimes just tuning in with intuition, and sometimes with dowsing. The interesting thing about dowsing, when you learn to do it, is that you have a visible indicator not only of what you are looking for, but also of when the energy shifts. Many intuitives like myself also have visible signs of energy shifting. Personally I yawn – huge yawns, as the cells shift and release old patterns, and my entire nervous system changes. Yawning is a classic sign that energy is moving.

Working within  the subconscious is a most rewarding and interesting activity, to say the least! If you search this blog site for HMR – Holographic Memory Resolution – you will find some pretty strange stuff! How my own life has changed since I began applying this HMR to myself I cannot describe. The peace and calm, clear mind and new abundance are astounding to observe.

Be well, and learn to work in your subconscious!