What we can learn to access, we can learn to heal. 
Feeling good is our birthright, so it is said, but getting there is so elusive! Dyslexia, fatigue, lack of focus and physical aches and pains get in our way. How would you like to learn how to feel better or improve your capacity to learn or to perform? You can – when you learn to work with the Hologram!

The concrete reality presented to us through our five senses tell us that the world around us is solid, when in fact the universe and everything in it are living waves and particles of energy. Our minds are tuned to a Holographic Universe that we are part of.

Few of us learn to move beyond the five senses model of reality.When we delve into the subconscious, that today we know is an astounding 95% of the workings of our great mind, we find a different story – one that is far closer to the real world, although it may seem just the opposite. Our subconscious is able to travel in space and time, to perceive the images that are three dimensional within us, to connect with the universe around us, to go within to our deepest personal space. The subconscious is tuned to and weaving through the Hologram.

While there is no instrumentation yet that can find the “knot”in our stomach or the “lump” in our throat, we are learning that these are distortions of electromagnetic energy in and around our bodies. We can easily access this “holographic space” of the body through our subconscious.

Our holographic nature allows us to move about within our states of consciousness. 

The holographic model of the universe and of our minds was first explored by a physicist, David Bohm, a protege of Einstein and by a neurophysiologist, Karl Pribram of Stanford University. Michael Talbot and Lynne McTaggart have both made this information a little more accessible through their books The Holographic Universe and The Field. 

The holographic model explains many things that our previous models of the mind did not, including memory, flashbacks, perception and other enigmas of the brain. The relevance of this Holographic Universe to emotions and healing is this: what we can learn to access, we can learn to heal.

Using the subconscious mind, we can go inside and change, dissolve and resolve stuck energy, frozen memories and trauma that impinge on our conscious world whether we know it or not. Learning to drive through this inner hyperspace safely opens up a new world of healing without reliving any trauma in the process. We can effectively go back in time to release the origins of our learning, emotional and physical blocks.

When you want to change anything about yourself – on a mental, physical or emotional level – going within through the Hologram is the most effective way to do so. And learning how has become entirely accessible.

The how involves following the very real lump in the throat, finding out about it, where and when it originated, and then releasing it from the hologram! The technique to do this is aptly named Holographic Memory Resolution. You can learn how to do it.

If you want to learn how to improve dyslexia, brain focus or release grief, anxiety or depression, contact me at roads2wellness.com.