How would you like to learn some easy techniques that you can call on to lower feelings of tension or anxiety immediately so that you can think more clearly, feel better in any stressful situation? What if you could learn to feel good about any situation? What if you could have a neutral response to the things that have bothered you in the past, so that you could now address your to-do list in a totally logical manner? Well, now you can!

New techniques come from the powerful fields of Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology that change our body’s energy field. In my coaching practice and writing, I help people everyday find new ways of lowering stress levels, being calm, peaceful and intuitive so they can move forward with whatever they want. The techniques work wonderfully with people of all ages, and they are all based in neuroscience and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

I enjoy showing people these effective and simple things to do to stop feeling stressed, blocked or irritated by something or someone. Here are a few quick examples I teach all my clients.

First, what to do when some unwelcome emotion is coming up and you want to be fine, wherever you are. You can tap on your breastbone or your collar bone, gently, with the tips of several fingers. This releases tension, and as your body gets used to what you want, will stop you from crying in a movie, for example, or in public when crying is not appropriate.

Next, what to do when you feel irritated, perhaps in a meeting, despite trying not to. You can change how you are feeling in a few minutes, easily. Here’s how. First, cross your ankles, which brings your energy pathways into more coherence, and then breathe in slowly through your nose, with the tip of your tongue at the roof of the mouth behind the teeth. Exhale slowly, with the tongue flat, through the nose. Repeat for a minute or two. This simple breath action changes brainwaves from fussed to calm – into Delta or Theta, the meditation waves,  from frazzled Beta.

Here’s another. What to do if your logical brain has gone to lunch? Place your finger tips over the frontal cortex – your forehead on the left or right side or both. The energy and blood come back into the frontal lobes that help you think logically, out of the reptilian brain that is all about intuition and attack or freeze. This technique is from Educational Kinesiology.

The new power techniques such as these help us reduce or neutralize stress and anxiety that are linked to thought patterns we have developed over the years. Energy Medicine shows us how to use our body to move energy – anywhere, even in a boardroom, to calm and cheer ourselves up, immediately. Energy Psychology uses the energy pathways to release tension, dissipate emotion and much more.

Be well, and learn to do some of these energy techniques on yourself!