A simple exercise to keep your memory sharp over the years is to move energy through your brain. Sounds strange, but your breath and hands together are powerful ways of moving energy through your body! When you first sit at your desk, you can do this to maximize the effectiveness of your memory. It just takes a couple of minutes – so here’s how.

First place your left hand over your heart and your right hand on the right side of your head next to your ear with fingers extended upwards. Now breathe holding this position – in through the nose, out through the mouth, deeply four times. Allow your body to raise on the in-breath, relax with the out-breath. Take all the time you need.

You are moving oxygen and blood to the right side of your brain. Next move your right hand to the back of your head and repeat the breathing.

Then switch hands – place your right hand down over your chest, on the right side, and your left hand up by your left ear on the left side of your head. Extend your fingers upwards, and breathe deeply four times as before. Finally place your left hand on your forehead with your fingers going up onto the top of your head and repeat the breathing.

You are helping maximize the effectiveness of your memory. With age, the suture lines in your skull become less flexible, and this simple exercise helps keep oxygen and cerebral-spinal fluids and subtle energies moving through the suture lines.

Ways to improve memory, access memories, release troublesome memories and improve brain function are all part of the fascinating worlds of Energy Psychology, Energy Medicine and Educational Kinesiology. The human brain is a hologram, where left and right hemispheres, brainstem and frontal lobes and limbic system and cerebral cortex all work best when there is full integration among them. The exercise is from Energy Medicine; the neuroscience behind what is going on and how to improve learning, focus, memory and concentration come from Educational Kinesiology.

Be well and have a great day!  .