Breathing in through the nose, out through the mouth, gently with the tongue at the roof of the mouth on the in-breath, and resting quietly on the out-breath, is the beginning of calming the brain and starting to focus our energy.

When we tell each other to “breathe” when in shock, what we really could be doing is make sure we breathe out, for that is the signal for the parasympathetic nervous system to help calm us down.

Our brains change brainwaves from agitated thought mode, to meditative calming mode. We go from Alpha to Theta, with this simple breathing exercise.

When you add to this the amazing work of Energy Medicine, you get a powerful calming effect that is unbeatable for its speed and impact.

This is the famous Cook’s Hook Up. I am going to teach you the short version, used anywhere and anytime. The last very public place I taught it, other than my workshops and to clients, was at a major conference I attended. I was sitting with a group of high-powered speakers, and everyone’s energy was flagging. On hotel chairs, then, in the middle of the lobby, six of us did the Hook Up and emerged sunny faced and energized and focused.

Here is what you do. Add to the breathing technique above:
1. crossed ankles
2. crossed wrists in front of the heart
3. intertwined fingers – bring them back to clasp together, keeping wrists crossed.

Let simmer for about two minutes, quietly. For a fuller description, use the search feature at the top right and hit Hook Up – you’ll find the full versions and variations on many dates! People always request this, again and again!

Be well, my friends, and learn to calm down from frazzle the Energy Medicine way.