When you learn a new way to think, your life changes. Did you know that you can learn to dream your vision and bring it into reality?

I was listening to Dr. Joe Dispenza talking about our ability to create our reality, at will, with practice. In this quantum universe, we create our reality constantly, only most of us would not intentionally create what we see before us – the frustrations, the insufficient income, the niggling health problems!

Yet we do create it all, in the quantum field. So how can we learn to create something else when we want to create something else? Dream it? And then manifest that dream? Yes, but not quite so simple to do.

We first start with the vision.

Our reality is created by our thoughts and emotions, and so we must first set out to create change in our thought patterns and our emotional response to life.

Our thoughts create chemicals in our bodies all day long, that have the ability to change our physiology. We can become a different person, altogether, at will, if we choose to do so. Personality is a combination of emotions and thoughts, when we use new ways to consciously begin to change the thoughts and the emotions, we can also create permanent new wiring in our brains.

And then the magic begins. We change our reality. We can become what we consciously imagine ourselves to be.

The longer story if of course much, much longer! The short story is that we have the means to change ourselves and our lives now, the knowledge to do so, in ways that were not accessible just a short decade ago. As a holistic coach, my job is to search out all these techniques and help you create your new life, however you want it to be.

Dr. Joe Dispenza was interviewed on Energy Psychology Cafe and featured in the movie What the Bleep do We Know – go find a copy if you can. He is the author of Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself.

Intriguing title? Yes, of course. When we learn how to break the mould of who we are now, we are able to create a new version of what we want to be. This is what the world of coaching is all about, by the way. Coaches are a few steps ahead, that is all, and make it their life’s purpose to study and integrate all the great new ways of changing the present, and creating a future that is a conscious manifestation of our vision.

What a great profession? Yes indeed! Coaches help you manifest the life you sometimes hardly even dare to dream about. So find yourself a coach? Seek out solutions! Don’t let yourself be less than happy for a moment more!

Be well. There are magical ways of transforming ourselves out there, so do find someone to show you the way!