You are creating every minute of every day
I have a really important message for you today. it is one you will be hearing from every source until the new millennium.
You are creating your reality every minute of every day.
How you feel about your world, what you are thinking and all your emotions are creating your environment, the people in it, their reactions to you, the events that happen throughout the day.
The significance of this is that the more you can be joyful, optimistic, happy and positive, the more your life will reflect that back to you. What this means for you is that by your joy and heart connections, you create financial abundance, because that is your natural inheritance. By your loving heart, you create right relationship. The more you are operating from love and high vibration, the more your world will reflect those things.
So I invite you to take a moment right now, and make a little mental assessment of your personal world around you.
Imagine a large sphere, in front of you, and slowly watch it fill with the love of the universe, and just see it and feel it, filled with joy, light and happy thoughts, allowing it to expand. Next, I want you to imagine another sphere, and imagine that it is your life and see just how much of it is bright, and loving and joyful, and how much of it is dark, with little areas where the vibration is lower. These are the parts of your life that bring less joy, things you would like to change.
So we are going to take that circle, and make it an infinite circle, and imagine it filled with happiness, and joy, and see how that feels to you.
Now come back and in linear fashion, after that experience, I want you to write where you are just now. Ask for a number to indicate where you are, where ten is full of love, light and abundance, and zero is where life is a struggle all the time, with many aspects you want to change.

Today I want to convey to you today is that we have new ways of transforming thoughts and emotions from unhappy to happy in our lives all day long.

And since we create all day long, if you are filled with light and love and positive thoughts for twenty of twenty four hours, great, and if less, as is the case for most of us, then know that as you work on changing those patterns, you are actively creating your own universe.
So here is the importance of learning how to align your field and release negative thoughts and emotions. Would you not want to learn how to do this as quickly as you can? The rest of your life awaits you!
So now I am going to explain to you to bring everyone to the same page. Remember our objective is to create joyful energy, loving hearts and a childlike sense of wonder.
So let me ensure that you understand what positive is, and is not. Positive is not making yourself do or think something, over an underlying current that is running in the other direction. This is true; this is why people who think positively fall into circumstance they have been trying to avoid, because they are unaware of the current of underlying negative thinking, or feeling. And here is what they do – what we are taught to do, even socialized to do – the minute they have a negative thought. They throw a positive thought right over it, such as “well, it is not so bad” or “but she means well”. Doing so is the action that allows us to create a veneer of positive thinking. And this veneer does nothing to change the universe; the universe does not respond to our ego mind or our conscious mind.
My mission is to help raise vibrations – the vibrations of each of you, of myself, of everyone, the vibrations of the world. We are entering a new era, one in which it is possible to become who we are destined to be, on a grander scale. An era where it is possible for humans to do many things that only a few have been able to do – to understand who we really are, how powerful we are, how we are capable of healing ourselves and healing others. How we are all light, love and vibration, and therefore able fluidly to tune into the quantum universe, the present and the past.
Your part in all this is to board a virtual train, where you move forward, lighter and lighter, as you release trauma, emotional trauma from your energy field. As you release the no longer needed impediments to your wholeness, and your brightness, you will move into a space of love, compassion and understanding as never before. You will know many things that you only dreamed of – or possibly did not dream of, before.
So do board that virtual train, and begin releasing old emotional trauma from your wonderful energy field. As you create and recreate within, so you create your world around you.
If you would like help, and would like someone to accompany you on that journey, just ask. Now is the time to ask for intervention from the vast galactic world of beings who are here to help us. When you acknowledge the presence of angels, they appear to you; when you acknowledge the presence of other beings and guides, they appear to you. Ascended masters are all around you all the time.
You are never alone.
If your life seems desperate, if you are in despair over any aspect of your life, go inside, quietly, and connect with the divine beings who support you. Tune into the infinite wisdom and love. All will be well.
Today, this 12th day of the 12th month of the year 2012, carries great significance. Spend some of it in contemplation, and allow the universe to speak to you.
Be well, and find peace within.