Purposeful living – to do good in the world – is the key to true happiness, according to all the research now, although this is not news to anyone who strives for purpose in life!

Sustained happiness is therefore linked to how we share our gifts with the world. A simple formula, then. Find what you love to do, as this will bring you joy. Do it, and share it with the world, as this will bring others joy. The ultimate goal of all is to bring more love to the world. Find how to do this, and your own level of perceived happiness goes up.

My wish for all of you is to discover and bring to the world your special gifts, then.

Some people think that by commiserating with the injustices of the world is somehow not only what is expected but is also helpful, but this we are discovering is not the case. Our job is to find our own light and bring love to others. This concept of raising vibrations through love is central to holistic and spiritual thinking.

Many things to ponder as the globe turns its axis and brings in a new calendar year.

With gratitude always, this final little wish goes out to you at midnight!