While listening to Matthew B. James in interview with Kristen Howe, I felt the hair stand up on the nape of my neck when I heard him talking about how to begin working on a goal or a project in life.
Begin with unwavering faith in yourself, I heard Matthew say.
I have goosebumps as I write that line! This is how my guides let me know that the information is absolutely true and that I need to listen up, for this is something important.
The Huna tradition, you see, which I have learned about but not formally studied, is completely aligned with my training and with my own channeling always about what is right and what is true. Beginning by setting elaborate goals, as in classical coaching, is not exactly how I practice either.
The way I have learned to understand that the universe works, and that I experience in my own life, is that alignment and clarity precede goal setting. That right action  naturally flows from alignment, and we just hang on for the ride.
In the Huna tradition, you would not even start working on a goal until you have unwavering faith in yourself. This comes from freeing yourself from all impediments first. And only then does attaining goals become effortless. One of the other speakers in Kristen Howe’s telesummit series on Manifesting Everything also made that point (this is Alex Loyd now) by giving us statistics on the surest way to fail is to set a goal and engage willpower!!
When you are in complete alignment with yourself, then, the rest becomes effortless. You are in a path where life simply opens up and the task of what to do next becomes irrelevant while you simply do what becomes  obviously necessary. (Goosebumps again).
Here are the three steps to manifesting in the Huna tradition as explained by Matthew James.
1. Before you start any new path, first free yourself from the old baggage.
If the old patterns are still with you, despite your best intentions and effort, and vowing never to fail again, you are trapped within the old baggage and will simply repeat the failure patterns. Do the release work before you set your goal!
2. Take action.
Upon releasing the old baggage, set your goal and take your first action. Taking action can mean simply articulating the goal, writing it down, opening conversation in the new direction. The act of writing down the goal, which most people are familiar with, is seldom actually done … but those who do more often succeed. So do one thing in the physical realm that releases the energy to flow in the direction you now are moving in. Take action, any concrete action in this new direction, such as creating the action plan, writing things down – as step two, not step one!

3. Create and maintain focus.

This is the last, and not the first, of the three steps. Only after your path is cleared of old baggage and you have begun to take action can you create the focus on the right path, the inspired path.   The focus is necessary once you are moving towards the goal, this inspired, new goal.

I would add step four to this list, my practical and humorous take on all of this. Step four is simply Hang On! Because once you are in the path, the inspired path, your helpers will take you on a fast ride to doing everything you now need to do, and procrastination or confusion will be things of the past. That, you understand, is from my personal experience.

Forgive yourself and know that whatever you are doing now is exactly what you need to be doing. Whether you are in the “gestation” stage or the clearing stage or the action stage. The only thing that is important is ensuring that you are always in joy, no matter what the circumstance, so that the universe supports you with the same.

Be well, and enjoy the journey!