Today in a small cafĂ© near home, a woman noticed that I was wearing a perfume she liked the scent of. When she asked, I told her that today I am wearing an essential oil, not a perfume. We launched into a conversation about perfumes, people’s allergies and the fact that true perfumes contain no allergens. Hard to believe, for many people. The cheaper ‘perfumes’ that so many people are allergic to contain sometimes more than a thousand manufactured chemicals, and are actually not perfume at all.

Among a myriad of other things, we can credit the scented products with contributing to the huge numbers of allergic reactions to lots of things, actually. In case you live in a bubble, I should tell you that in any group of people there are at least a 10% who have some kind of noticeable reaction to animals, smells, or more typically, foods. The reasons for this are many, but boil down to what Sandi Radomski, American health practitioner and developer of an effective allergy elimination technique, refers to as the ‘rain barrel effect’: our systems get overloaded, and can process no more.

Everything we come into contact with that leaves an imprint on our physical bodies is processed in the liver. The more allergens we are exposed to, the less we are able to handle ‘normal’ kinds of things our parents were never allergic to. Our livers become overloaded with our non-organic eating and polluted environments to an extent unknown to previous generations. In case you had not thought about it, our grandparents all ate pretty much organic foods… grown, harvested and put on the table…

Seeing is believing, though, for human beings. So until we are exposed to problems we have ourselves, for example, and learn new ways of dealing with the challenges of life, we tend to ignore information. I don’t believe you can eliminate an allergy, I hear people say all the time. Those folks who have witnessed allergy elimination can say only that it works, and that they have seen the results. The rest, until proof is seen on Oprah, remain overly skeptical and usually downright cynical, bordering on the rude… Ah, well, natural health practitioners get used to that. There are plenty of people who need their help.

Seeing is believing, to get back to this morning’s discussion about perfumes. What I wanted to say here is that the strange circles I belong to, international associations of dowsers and such, have led me into contact with the most amazing people. The internet and instant communication have enabled the creation of networks of the formerly crazy … who discover they are not alone.

Today I was wearing an essential oil, not a perfume. I could not help myself telling the woman I was speaking to that I have many friends – real and not imaginary, if you please – who see into other dimensions that science knows the existence of now. String or M theory has proven the existence of 11 dimensions. But clairvoyants I have known can see into these dimensions, and can testify, just as science tells us, they are all around us.

So I am unusual in that I know many people who can see into other dimensions and see, among other fascinating things, fairies, and wood sprites … and labyrinth gnomes, and leprechuans. What I did say to the woman I met today is that I have a friend who sees the fairies who appear, like a genie from a bottle, when an essential oil is applied to human skin. Go figure. Just reporting what I have seen and heard…

Yours in health,

Wellness Woman