Eclipses! Universal consciousness beckons us to action now!
New energies and new accessible levels of consciousness in 2013 have made this a special time for manifesting everything we have longed for in life and business.. Not only were there massive consciousness downloads in December of 2012, but also there have been planetary movements that have created opportunities for us since April 2013 to release old patterns and manifest relationships, money and happiness like never before.
Here’s an invitation to learning to use metaphysical tools.
Despite my attention to planetary shifts, I am an intuitive and dowser, not an astrologer. I am very sensitive to energy in all its forms, and use metaphysical tools in my life and my business to stay connected with what is happening, why we need to attend, and what I need to know and do to stay vibrant and happy. Astrology, Palmistry, Numerology, Tarot, Dowsing, Feng Shui and I Ching are fascinating areas of information that offer tools to help us stay in the rhythm of our highest vibration.
Functioning from higher vibrational levels opens up a new world of opportunity.
We have the ability to function from a higher vibrational level this year. What does this mean? Information received during the shift of December 2012 confirms that our cellular structure has changed at a basic level to be more receptive to universal consciousness. It just is – whether you are skeptical or not, it just is so!
We are able to create our life, to remake our life and to move forward in ways that were not possible just a year ago.
I hope you are moving into more open authenticity, flowing into a higher version of yourself now, magically manifesting opportunities and abundance.
We have had a series of lunar and solar eclipses since April 25, according to my star gazing friends, that have created a universal movement that helps us progress to new ways of being in very concrete ways. The first lunar eclipse opened the energy to nurture ourselves, reflect and acknowledge our deepest longings and the next supported the release of old patterns. We are currently in the energy of being able to anchor in new patterns and ways to manifest the life we wish to create.
For those of you not used to the power and movement of universal energy, may I remind you that over time, global events have been linked to movement of the planets and stars, and that this is an ancient knowing that has been embraced by new age thinkers for a reason!
We are an undeniable part of the movement of the universe.What are the practical implications of this new universal energy?
On a practical level, you can create an action plan for new success, putting in the structures and systems to allow for a greater flow of money and clients, if you are in business for yourself. Whatever you have longed for, is possible now. But prepare the groundwork and make yourself ready!
If you have been attempting to achieve a specific result such as bring in more revenues or accomplish what you want to with less effort, the blocks in your energy field are no longer necessary. You may let  the universe support their dissolution and release! Get some tools to do that, such as learning to release in the hologram of your energy field whatever no longer serves you. Now is an opportune time to get help – and that is one of the area I am trained in to assist you with as you move into higher personal vibration, make changes in your life or grow your business.

My mission is to support you in becoming that bigger version, higher vision of yourself. If you would like a little support with that, please visit me at VisibleStrategy.Biz for help with invisible and visible strategies for doing just that.

Be well, and listen to the cosmos, yes?