As the seasons change, and Indian summer passes, our bodies begin the natural contraction process leading to the winter months. The energy of summer – hot, expansive – gives way to the fall energy. Harmonizing our bodies to the seasons is a lot easier with some help from the wonderful plant kingdom and especially from the roots and bark from herbs in the Chinese tradition.

I am blessed to live not far from a large Chinese community where herbalists are common. My Traditional Chinese herbal doctor has been practicing his trade for 30 years. His wife supports the business with chiropractic and massage. Between the two of them, my health gets a terrific boost.
If you have never experienced a Chinese pulse and tongue diagnosis, I invite you to try it… The pulses reveal the conditions of the entire body, and detect the slightest problems. Way too interesting and personal to share here! But amusing to me, although we have a small language problem… I typically have issues with everything, but nothing that would show up in conventional western medicine. Such as a slightly hot liver (the excess from the recent wedding I attended) and always a deficient pancreas (me, not the wedding, from the sugar tooth for so many years that I have finally conquered recently).
A single course of 10 day herbs creates noticeable change. I am on the second lot here, with happy doctors who are pleased that I have responded so well. My ‘shen’ (countenance, the brightness of face and energy) is much improved, as well as my request to address the deficiency that was beginning to cause insomnia. Sleeping like a log again, which is part of what keeps me healthy and energetic.
Get back to wellness and energy – find a TCM herbalist in your city and have fun!