Welcome to my intuitive world! I believe that every little vibration out there calls you to me if we are meant to meet, and it’s just a matter of time before we do.

I hope that you are enjoying every moment of your life as a coach, holistic practitioner or therapist and that you really do make your dreams come true. My journey to founding Visible Strategy Coaching has taken me to many places as I followed my heart searching for ways to make a BIG contribution to the world. As I was on the stage in San Diego, in front of a large audience speaking about ways to bring intuition into your coaching practice, I looked out in front of me and watched a sea of arms held high to receive inspiration from the universe. (Here’s me on stage in San Diego).

I realized then that not only was the world ready for more intuition in all aspects of life, but that business and personal coaches were anxious for ways to be more powerful and intuitive with their clients. Afterwards, all these people came up to me with a simple question: can you help me find ways to grow my business?

Visible Strategy Coaching evolved from this moment. You see, I know where you have been. Wonderful training, many courses in holistic modalities or coaching or therapeutic processes and oops there you are, out in the world, wondering where the clients are. I have been there. I had no idea of how to market my holistic practice either. Unlike lucky you here on this page, I had not even heard the word coach! So if there is one piece of advice I have for you, it’s get a business coach… But that often falls on deaf ears as you get out of the starting gate with your new skills. If you have spent so much on your great training, how can you be expected to spend more on getting business coaching?

Just do it! The coach will show you how to do everything you need to do in your new job. Your new job of marketing yourself, that is. What? Are you shocked? That’s my job, you are thinking?

So here are a few reasons for you, then, of why you need a business coach to be successful. First, something called mindset. That simply means you need to get your head around the fact that to HELP people, they need to know you and learn what you can do for them. Second, you need to find a way for people to BUY from you. You need to be clear about how you can help them! Third, you have to learn how to talk about what you do from a consumer’s point of view. Yes, that’s right. They have not had your training. They don’t know what chakras are or why they need balancing, or why they should use Feng Shui in their houses. You do. They don’t. So you have to learn how to talk so your potential customers will listen. And how to be visible so they can find you. Did you learn this at your holistic or therapeutic school? I didn’t think so.

The name Visible Strategy has been with me for a couple of years – long before I realized that my company name would be just that. My Twitter handle precedes the company name in fact by a more than a year! The name was initially meant to be a kind of joke, since if you know that I am an intuitive you may understand that I work with a LOT of INVISIBLE STRATEGY too! The invisible strategy part that is so key in the way I work has to do with the information about what needs to be said or done and the great help we call in when we are in alignment with the universe and our true purpose.

How I got to be so intuitive is the classic route for someone who was not born that way, I learned. Somewhere at mid-life I had a number of traumatic things happened that changed forever the way I approached the universe. And information began tumbling in. Lucky for me, I was connected to a community of people by then who knew what was happening to me and welcomed me in on that journey. Oh, be specific, I hear you say! Okay, I had heard of dowsers and went to a convention, mostly because I was burned out and needed a country vacation! Life has not been the same since!

I learned a lot of amazing information and how to detect the unseen world around us and then explore it. And then I desperately wanted to share all of this with the world, but I didn’t know how. I was on a mission to teach the world about energy. But my business was going nowhere.

If this sounds like you, and you would like to change the world without changing who you are, without changing what you want to create in the world, then this is the right place for you. My intuitive business skills are far beyond what my high level business skills were before my entry into the holistic world. If you want help with growing your business, I am here to assist you in making a real difference in the world YOUR WAY.

Get your business moving! Shine brightly for all those people who really need you.

Our lives are built around decisions. We create our lives. Now I know that both these are true, but the greater of the two is that we create our lives. So if you would like some help creating the life you want, around your coaching business or holistic practice, then by all means come on and contact me. Make that decision and change YOUR life.

My deciding moment that changed everything for me and allowed abundance to come streaming in was the moment that I realized that what was easy for me was not easy for others. The moment that I realized I could stop taking the road of great resistance and open myself to the road of least resistance. Such joy comes to me every day now as I see my clients evolve with me. They become much more capable of running a profitable business and much more intuitive along with me in making the important decisions.

My mission of changing the world and raising vibrations is coming true in a way I didn’t expect: I empower YOU, and many like you to raise vibrations with your wonderful skills. Instead of heading out in the forest with a bow and arrow, I watch as an army of you head out together to raise vibrations, thanks to my guidance.

So come along, make that decision. Get some help for your business. I look forward to our first conversation with great pleasure.

See you on the other side … of the website, I mean. There is more to this story of course, but I’ll leave it to time to reveal when we get to know each other over the fabulous subject of growing your business. I know I am going to be so PROUD of you when you double and triple your income. So come along, get in touch!


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