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Thank you future Radio Guest!

Would you like to be a Radio Guest in this special community of big bright lights for business and personal success? I’d love you to join me to help women with wonderful ways to stay motivated, healthy, energized and productive!

[IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE A RADIO GUEST, fill out THE FORM below so we can talk]. The show is part of the SOB Radio Network lineup this year.

Intuition, Nutrition & Your Biz

Intuition, Nutrition & Your Biz showcases experts in the fields of subtle energy, coaching, health and business success. Our audience wants to know what you do to keep yourself and your clients moving towards your goals and what new strategies they can incorporate into their lives!

For example: What do you do or teach to stay inspired, be healthy or be productive in your business that others can benefit from? How can we maintain the motivation and energy to take action doing the things we love? How do you get yourself to ‘take action’? How can we learn to focus to get things accomplished easier?

We want to give them “actionable tips” and resources.

Think “If you want to be healthy, this is what I suggest”, or “if you want your business to be successful, this is what you could be doing” …

The interviews will be recorded over the next few weeks. This is what I will need from you (IN THE FORM BELOW) as you confirm intent to participate:

  1. bio  + contact information (see example below)
  2. Top of mind your 3  top strategies (keywords, short bits) of what you will share for the show theme of personal productivity – energized, motivated, taking action.
  3. Questions I can ask you, more specifically. Please submit 6 questions that will lead to deeper information.

Please send these by the webform below. This helps us both with creating an easy process to get straight to interview with impact! It helps us both with:

  1. Clarity on what you’d like to say for max impact for this audience.
  2. Your approach, what you are planning and where you fit into the overall mix.
  3. Flow of the interview and where you are ‘aiming’ with your strategies and what you would ‘tell the world’, since we finish with this.

Bio Example

NAME: Bette Brown  Skype: bette.Brown1  Phone: x23-x34-x56  ]

Bette Brown is a holistic practitioner and business coach WHO combines real-life experiences with practical theory TO HELP entrepreneurs and individuals connect with the resources they need to get ahead.   HER FIELD IS subtle energy and working with invisible help. She has trained as a chiropractor, and today offers her clients intuitive readings to help them improve their lives.  IN THIS INTERVIEW, she shares her best strategies and tips for staying motivated, energized and productive.

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PS Here’s the video description of the show and just below it you’ll find the form to fill out if you would like to be a part of all this!

Questions? Call me! EST 514.924.7673 OR use the form below.