What clients are saying

About business building 

Since I started working with Susan, my business has been getting a makeover and well deserved rejuvenation. At the point in time when we began,  my business was  pretty slow due to a long and cold winter season, the economy,  and the fact that I did not know how to market myself properly. In three months I have doubled my sales with strong signs for further increases to come. I feel this is just the beginning as I learn how to use my time and resources much more effectively and beneficially. WB, Maine

Susan is a strategic business builder with many talents. Her work is brilliant and I cannot thank her enough for what she has done for my business. LB, Texas


About product creation and writing coaching

When we  started working, Susan  showed me how to take the  information that I had been  presenting for years and that was already on my websites and use it as a foundation to create a  new range of e-books and audio courses! It was hard work and took quite some  time, but we had fun at the same time. I was amazed. She was very encouraging! And she helped me see the value of my work and what I was able to do for people. TW, Oregon

I have gone from a place where I had several websites with scattered information to a much more focused place of organized business and I have renewed optimism about the future. Some of my best moments were learning simple new tricks  using software  and  web-based platforms. I have a new email marketing platform and have learned how to build and use my lists. I have new e-books, know how  to format my written materials now for a more pleasant and effective appearance. I have much respect for the things Susan knows and uses supporting her clients with all her heart.  TD, Ontario

At some point Susan redid my bio and then used dowsing to get it perfect. She says she works with marketing and writing guides, her invisible helpers, and I believe that. JH, Intuitive and Painter, California


About using one of the quantum releasing techniques

“Instinctively, I was not sure I wanted something that worked rapidly, like a quick fix. But when Susan explained that I would experience healing of ancestral energy, and not just a ‘cover-up”, I felt that it was exactly what we needed to do. The process itself was simple, but so powerful. I feel a difference in the back of my heart. Wow, this is really so powerful, really great and even fun!” ~ G.H., Intuitive and Healer, NH